We all know that Newt Gingrich has a silver tongue, pitted and tarnished though it may be. He can spin a tale that will cause some followers to start making plans for their new life as citizens of the moon. These people are, of course, morons.

Newt wrote the book on demonizing, slandering and just plain trashing the opposition. He throws Red Meat to the base and they wolf it down... not realizing that his tirades are more a description of himself, rather than any of his opponents. These people are also morons.


Newt is on his third wife and third religion. He has asked for God's forgiveness and pledged marital fidelity. Has Newt really changed? His base thinks so. They are willing to forgive and forget the mistresses, censures and discraced conduct of his past. These people actually believe that the third time is a charm... and not an indication of flawed moral character. As you probably already guessed, they too are morons.


If nothing else, Newt is nostalgic. He longs for the days before all the government rules and regulations started curtailing business profits. He especially despises the year 1938, when the Federal Child Labor law was passed. Sorry Newt, firing a kid's dad and then hiring the kid to take his job only happens in your twisted little world. And although Newt may believe that one day he will be the leader of the free world, the reality is his only followers will be morons. Which of course makes him - the Head Moron!